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The Jonas Brothers, 'Pom Poms' -- New Song

Jonas Brothers

The Jonas Brothers are back with their brand new single, 'Pom Poms.' It's been four years since the release of their last studio album, 'Lines, Vines and Trying Times.' They are expected to release their next one sometime later this year.

The pop-friendly song is upbeat and sounds like a good high-school anthem, which is further explored in the band's energetic music video. The video takes place on a football field, and of course features pom poms, in addition to a gospel choir, a full marching band, and a dance-off. The song itself wouldn't be a bad track at halftime, as it features an infectious, stomp-worthy beat and some marching band-like horn sounds. The song also includes a sing-along/chanting section and anthem-like "yeah!" chants. The Jonas Brothers have once again produced a catchy pop tune that will more than likely appeal to many different age groups.

Their upcoming untitled studio album will be the band's fifth. A world tour is expected to follow. For now fans can "shake their pom poms" on AOL Radio's New Pop First.

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