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Selena Gomez, 'Come & Get It' -- New Song


Selena Gomez has released her first single from her upcoming debut solo album. 'Come and Get It' was produced by StarGate and differs a lot from her previous work.

Gomez is growing up quickly and releasing her first solo album after having three successful albums with the band The Scene and releasing several Disney records. StarGate does a great job here creating what should be an instant Top 40 hit, which includes elements of music from India. The mid-tempo track is another example of Gomez' expanding her musical diversity and her maturity. It's a feel-good tune with hints of reggae and euro-dance as she moves further away from typical pop music. The song is infectious with unique beats and stuttered chants. Gomez' voice has never been smoother, as she carries the hook-filled song along its relaxing journey. There's definitely a sexier sound from Gomez here as she sings "This love ain't finished yet / so baby whenever you're ready...come and get it."

Selena Gomez has certainly been busy of late and recently starred in the film 'Spring Breakers.' Her album is scheduled to be released in Summer 2013 and will be promoted through a world tour. Come and listen to Gomez' new single right now on AOL Radio's Fresh 40 station.

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