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Ray J, 'I Hit It First' (Feat. Bobby Brackins) -- New Song


Ray J has released a song filled with some controversy called 'I Hit It First.' The cover of the album appears to be a pixelated photo of his ex-girlfriend Kim Kardashian, who 's fame took off when she was involved in a sex tape with the R&B star in 2003.

Ray J has stated the R&B tune is not about Kardashian and recently tweeted that the song is "not that serious." Yet, the song's lyrics seemingly directly reference her current boyfriend Kanye West, who wasn't pleased with the song's release. The song also likely references other "rappers and ballplayers" she has dated, while Ray J brags about being with her first. It's an upbeat, catchy track by Ray J, who isn't afraid to speak his mind on this subject, especially in the tongue-in-cheek first verse. Bobby Brackins adds in a hip-hop-like verse, which is a little raspier than Ray J's, but works well with the basic beats in the background.

'I Hit it First' is expected to be released on the singer's upcoming album which is supposed to be titled 'Raydiation 2.' It will be his first album since 2008. Listen to Ray J's latest right now on AOL Radio's New R&B First.

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