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Psy, 'Gentleman' -- New Song


Psy is going viral again. His newest song 'Gentleman' is a follow-up to the international hit 'Gangnam Style' which has been seen more than 1.5 billion times on YouTube.

The song is another electro-pop tune and features a dance that originates from girl group Brown Eyed Girls' 2009 hit 'Abracadabra.' Although it's unlikely 'Gentleman' or any song will ever match the popularity of 'Gangnam Style,' 'Gentleman' has already been viewed over 94 million times on YouTube. It remains to be seen whether the song itself will just ride the coattails of 'Gangnam Style' or if Psy can avoid being a one-hit wonder. The song includes pulsating beats and a repetitive, catchy chorus which includes the lyric "I'm a mother, father, gentleman." The phrase can be interpreted differently, based on Psy's accent. The lyrics and beat is certain to stay in the listener's head, meaning Psy has reached his goal of remaining relevant-for now.

'Gentleman' was viewed 2 million times in its first 24 hours, setting the record for most views in a single day. The previous record holder was Justin Bieber who's 'Beauty and a Beat' was viewed nearly 11 million times. Dance to 'Gentleman' right now on AOL Radio's K-Pop.

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