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Florida Georgia Line, 'Cruise' (Remix) (Feat. Nelly) -- New Song

Republic Nashville

Florida Georgia Line has released a remix of their number one country song, 'Cruise.' The remix features Nelly, who had a hit with country star Tim McGraw in 2004 titled, 'Over and Over.'

'Cruise' is one of the better feel-good country tracks of 2012 and this remix is great for the approaching summer. If possible, Nelly has made the song even more summer-like with his smooth, yet energetic voice. His faster lyrics in his main verse works quite well with the country-pop, 'cruising' type of sound. Overall, the quintessential summer track has been spiced up with elements of hip-hop for its next run on the charts.

'The song first gained recognition when Nelly was seen driving away at the end of his music video for 'Hey Porsche.' Playing from the car radio was the remix version and can be heard right now on AOL Radio's New Pop First.

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