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Daft Punk, 'Get Lucky' (Feat. Pharrell Williams) -- New Song


French house music duo Daft Punk has released 'Get Lucky' as the lead single from their fourth studio album 'Random Access Memories.' The song was co-written by and features Pharrell Williams and Nile Rodgers.

Daft Punk is well known for huge arena hits like 'One More Time' and 'Around The World.' This new single is mellower and has a funk and disco-like sound to it, in addition to bordering on R&B. It certainly reflects a transition from the pulsating electronics of the band's last record to more futuristic type of dance and disco. In fact, the duo hasn't released a studio album since 2005, so they've had plenty of time to experiment and collaborate. The distinct guitar riff from Nile Rodgers carries the song along and sets the song's relaxing, funky tone. Pharrell Williams' smooth vocals work well with the guitar riff and provide for an infectious chorus. The single has the unique ability to sound like it could transcend time and be a hit at a 1970s dance club or at a rave ten years from now. Pharrell has stated that the lyrics are more about finding chemistry with someone, rather than looking for a sexual conquest.

'Get Lucky' broke Spotify's record, receiving the highest number of streams in a single day. 'Random Access Memories' is expected to be released May 21st in the United States. It features many more collaborations including one with Julian Casablancas of The Strokes. 'Get Lucky' right now on AOL Radio's Electronica.

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