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Alicia Keys, 'Tears Always Win' -- New Song


Alicia Keys has released the fifth single off her hit record 'Girl On Fire.' The single 'Tears Always Win' was co-written by Jeff Bhasker and Bruno Mars. Mars also played bass, guitars and provided background vocals on the track.

'Tears Always Win' may be Keys' strongest single since the album's title song. Like 'Girl on Fire,' this ballad is anthemic and dares the listener to rally behind Keys' strong and inspiring voice. Bruno Mars' influence is clear, as the song builds around soft drum and piano beats, and soaring, wind-like sound effects. The tune sounds like it could be a sequel to Mars' 'It Will Rain.' The song's climax is seen in the chorus, where Keys' is helped by background singers, including Mars, as she sings "Once again these tears always win."

Keys is expected to debut the song live this week on American Idol. 'Girl On Fire' hit #1 on the Billboard 200 and charted high in many other countries. Listen to 'Tears Always Win' right now on AOL Radio's New R&B First.

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