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Top 10 Demi Lovato Songs

Demi Lovato has had a very successful acting and singing career thus far. The-20 year-old has starred in her own television series 'Sonny with a Chance' and already has had three albums reach the top five of the Billboard 200. Lovato is scheduled to release her fourth album 'Demi' in May. The album will feature the top-charting hit 'Heart Attack.' As we get ready for the anticipated new album, AOL Radio is counting down the top ten Demi Lovato songs thus far in her young career. The votes were cast and counted from AOL Radio listeners. Take a look below!
'Heart Attack'
Demi Lovato's 'Heart Attack' is the first single off her upcoming fourth studio album. The song was produced and co-written by the Suspex along with Lovato and others. The song is full of EDM, club-like beats and features Lovato's maturing voice. She echoes Kelly Clarkson in this infectious, love track. The single premiered in the #1 spot on April's AOL Radio Top 40.
'Wouldn't Change a Thing' (Feat. Joe Jonas)
For the original Disney Channel movie 'Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam' Lovato teamed up with Joe Jonas. The single 'Wouldn't Change a Thing' was released as the fourth single off the soundtrack. The upbeat love track features the two trading vocals throughout. They sing "You can drive me insane, but I can't stay mad at you for anything." Lovato also released a German version which featured dual vocals with German rock band Stanfour.
Walt Disney
We'll Be a Dream' (with We The Kings)
Demi Lovato was featured on this We The Kings track called 'We'll Be a Dream.' The song was included on the band's second studio album 'Smile Kid' and was nominated for a Teen Choice Award as Teen Choice Hook-Up. The power pop track features a stand-out verse from Lovato. "Do you remember the nights/we made our way dreaming, hoping of being something big."
S-Curve Records
'Get Back'
'Get Back' was co-written by Lovato and the Jonas Brothers and released as the lead single from Lovato's debut album 'Don't Forget.' The upbeat track is guitar-driven, with the guitars played by the Jonas Brothers and drums played by Jack Lawless. The girl-rock hit is about getting back together with someone and is one of the most energetic songs off Lovato's first solo record.
'Remember December'
'Remember December' is the second single from Lovato's second studio album 'Here We Go Again.' The song moves Lovato away from her usual pop rock sound, in favor of a synth-pop feel. The song has an infectious chorus and is meant to inspire young females. The single is about admitting mistakes and remembering the great times of a relationship. "Come with me, let's run tonight. Don't let these memories get left behind."
'Don't Forget'
'Don't Forget' was also co-written by Lovato and the Jonas Brothers for her debut studio album of the same title. The song featured Nick Jonas on guitar and helped Lovato to be seen as a more mature and serious musician. Lovato shows her range brilliantly in this single and the emotion of the song comes through easily. Lovato has stated it's the one track on her first album she relates to the most. She sings about loving someone, who later left her. She was just 16 at the time of the release, but there was a clear indication Lovato was not the typical teen-pop star.
'This Is Me' (Feat. Joe Jonas)
Demi Lovato first teamed up with Joe Jonas in 2008 for this 'Camp Rock' track.' 'This Is Me' is the first song that Lovato's character sang with Jonas's character in the film. It was released as the fourth single off the film's soundtrack and later included on 'Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience.' The teen-pop track begins with Lovato, before Jonas adds his own verse and then the two share a inspiring duet to close the song. "You're the missing piece I need/the song inside of me."
Walt Disney
'Here We Go Again'
'Here We Go Again' is the title song and first single off Lovato's second album. This break-up song features a lot of guitars and is an upbeat, power pop tune. The hit is catchy and features a lot of pop hooks that is reminiscent of break-up hits by Kelly Clarkson. Lyrically, the track expresses frustrations over an on again/off again relationship with a non-committal boyfriend. "And again, I throw all your stuff away/And then I cleared you out of my head and I tore you out of my heart."
Demi Lovato slowed things down for her lead single off her third album 'Unbroken.' The soft R&B-like ballad is about remaining strong and believing in one-self. It was symbolic and a great song for Lovato to release, because she entered treatment the same year she emotionally recorded the track. The emotion can be felt in the empowering song, which features Lovato's strongest vocals to date. In fact, she was incredibly emotional and tearful while recording the hit single. Although she re-recorded the song after checking into treatment, the original is what was released. It stands as a symbol for Lovato's courage and the difficult journey she had been on. Jordin Sparks provided background vocals to the tear-jerking single and both voices are supported by a lively, yet lonely piano beat.
'Give Your Heart a Break'
'Give Your Heart a Break' topped the charts when it was released in early 2012 off 'Unbroken.' The dance-pop ballad features many instruments, including violins and strings that are reminiscent of Coldplay's 'Viva La Vida.' The electric-sound works well here with the pop and dance elements. The instrumentals lead to the immensely powerful and memorable chorus. Lovato has stated that the song is about being upfront with love and having faith in it. "The world is ours if we want it. We can take it if you just take my hand. There's no turning back now. Baby, try to understand."

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